Job Modderman (22)

Job has been crazy about everything to do with sailboats his whole life, not so strange when you grow up as a little boy in a sailmaker’s loft at the waterfront. The whole Modderman family is fanatically racing so Job can’t stay behind. At the age of 8, he started racing in the optimist, only under wind force 3 otherwise it was a bit too exciting. Fortunately, the fear of strong winds has gone, but the love of sailing has not. In recent years, Job has been racing in all kinds of different classes, from flits to big racing yachts and everything in between. Onboard, he is responsible for the rigging and fittings such as the hydro, sails, lines, winches and much more. While sailing, Job usually takes care of the steering and ensures that the sails are trimmed properly if he is not sleeping, which he usually calls “just tidying up”. In between all the sailing, he studied Maritime Engineering, just like Nick, which comes in handy now.

Nick Zondervan (22)

Nick can also be found on and near the water from a young age. At the age of 11, he started racing in the Flits. Later on, the Flits was exchanged for the Vaurien and after that, he stepped into the Laser. Where Nick used to sail against Job, the last couple of years they often sail together on bigger competition yachts. Nick combined his hobby of trading with sailing by restoring old sailing boats and selling them again immediately, unfortunately, he has to wait with “Satisfaction”. While sailing, Nick is often steering, trimming or looking for tasty nuts. Just like Job, Nick has studied maritime engineering. During the refit, Nick is mainly busy with the technical installations, but actually, he can do almost anything. Nothing is too crazy for him, from making hatches, painting, building a website or laminating a complete bulkhead, he does it all!

Dennis Meter (24)

Dennis’ dream has been to sail around the world from a young age. Together with his parents, he can be found on the water every weekend since he was two months old, and he still does. When he was 19 years old, he bought an H-boat with which he has sailed a lot in the past 5 years. In the past 5 sailing seasons, Dennis has also been active in competition sailing on a “Lemsteraak” and together with Nick and Job on an X-99. Besides the busy life in water sports, he studied architecture and until June the 1st, he works at Codex architecture studio in Groningen. Onboard Dennis is usually responsible for navigation, communication and drone flying (only when the boat is stationary Dennis is allowed to fly). During the refit, Dennis is a jack-of-all-trades and has a day’s work to do all the things Nick and Job refuse to do.