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Sailing around the world

What started as a sailing adventure among 3 close friends turned into the beginning of a love story.

We are Dennis and Jannell, brought together by adventure and curiosity. Dennis left The Netherlands in 2022 with close friends Job and Nick. After a year of sailing together, Job and Nick decided to return to land-life which left Dennis who was not interested in doing the same yet cruising the Caribbean with new crew. As fate would have it (with a little help from Tinder), he would cross paths with Jannell, a curious Saint Lucian. In getting to know each other we decided to make our life together a great adventure, starting onboard the Satisfaction. And so as one chapter ended, a new one unfolded.

Our Journey

Our trip starts on the 1st of June 2022. The plan is to throw a farewell party in Grou and to leave the Netherlands through Terschelling.

We will slowly go down towards Portugal to then go to the Canary Islands. There we will stay a few weeks to then sail further to the Cape Verdean Islands.

From those islands, we will cross the Atlantic Ocean towards the Caribbean .

In this region, we will stay a few months and we will see from there how the rest of our trip will go

Our Boat

We will leave with a Doug Peterson 51, a “one of” sailor. The ship is built in England at the shipyard “Green Marine”.

The ship is built of a Kevlar composite, that’s why it is really light and at the same time very strong.

In short, it is a real sailboat and that is something that suits us. From the first sight of the ship, we all three fell in love with it.

We named the boat satisfaction because that name fits well with our travel plans and because it is of course a great song by the Rolling Stones.

About us

We are Job Modderman, Nick Zondervan and Dennis Meter. Three good friends who know each other mainly from competitive sailing. At first, we mainly competed against each other in the national competition, but in recent seasons we have been forming a team more and more on larger competitive boats.

We have now racked up quite a few miles together and can rely on each other 100% at all times, something which is of course extremely important when sailing at sea.

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